Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Dress Like Me

Today I am wearing my skinny J Brand jeans paired with a blouse I bought at a thrift store and a really old Robert Rodriquez blazer that I still wear to this day! I am wearing this to work today and since I work in a more casual atmosphere this is totally fine.  This is also a great outfit for “casual Fridays" at work- for some of course.  Since it's still a little on the cool side here this look works great for me, but for some this might be too warm of an outfit at this time of the year.  Instead of jeans you could pair the top and blazer with white shorts or a skirt of your choice. Or you could switch out the blouse and put on a white cotton t-shirt under the blazer. Decide what is best for your day and find inspiration in this outfit to help you create your next look.  

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