Monday, June 1, 2009

Flip-ity Flop-ity

What is the easiest shoe to throw on and go during the warm summer months? That’s right, Flip Flops! I just love flip flops- they are just too easy! I usually throw my flip flops on with whatever I am wearing: a sun dress, shorts, jeans, etc. Nine times out of ten they work with everything. Now there are a lot of flip flops out there and I think it is important to choose a flip flop with some style. There are some flip flops that are a little on the dull side. Don’t let this be your flip flop’s case. Choose a flip flop that is fun and full of life. They are a casual shoe so why not add some pizzazz to them, plus it’s an easy way to spruce up your ensemble for the day.

Above I have shown some of my favorite flip flops that are out there. All of these have an extra element of excitement to them- none are just a simple ole flip flop. The brands shown above are Havaianas, Mystique, J-Crew, and Bernardo, plus all of the shoes shown are a reasonable price-anywhere between $24-$140. With thousands and thousands of flip flops to choose from pick a style that fits you and your personality. Have a couple different pairs in your closet so anytime you are out and about you have a fun and stylish shoe to throw on and go!

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