Friday, June 5, 2009

Tis the Season

Tis the season- Wedding Season that is!  This means lots of invitations to lots of different weddings.  It can be hard to decide what is appropriate to wear to a wedding.  To help you out I have chosen four different looks for four different kinds of weddings.

 The Plaza in June

This is your formal, uber chic, big to do wedding.  So maybe the wedding you will be attending is not at the Plaza, but non-the less this is the wedding of the season. Everyone and their mother’s will be attending.  So what do you wear? In look one, I have chosen to wear my most chic and fancy couture dress. I have paired it with opera length pearls and a green satin clutch to add a pop of color.  This look can be worn for both black-tie and cocktail attire.

Country-Club Nuptials

This is your classic wedding.  Ceremony at the church followed by a reception at the country club.  I have chosen to wear a summery royal blue dress with embroidered details at the neck and hem. This is not the wedding to wear your flashiest dress or jewelry. Choose a look that is a bit more on the modest side.

 A Southern Affair

Nothing is more garish at a preppy southern wedding than edgy couture. Stick to pastel tea-length or eyelet dresses and strappy elegant heals. 

Beachfront Blowout

The long, printed maxi dress was made for exotic locations. Since you've spent your savings on a ticket, skip the shoe splurge and slip into metallic gladiator sandals.


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