Friday, May 8, 2009

How to Wear Leggings

So after I posted “Rainy Tuesday” I got a lot of questions on how to wear leggings and what I think looks best paired with them. Me personally, I LOVE leggings! Anyone who knows me pretty well can probably attests to this! I think leggings are one of the easiest and most comfortable bottoms you can put on. That being said I guess it helps when you feel comfortable and confident wearing them- so hear are my pointers on wearing leggings so you can feel the same way I do in them.

·There are many different legging lengths. I like when the legging comes all the way to your ankles. I think this gives your leg a long and lean look. Some prefer cropped leggings. If this is your preference that is just fine, just make sure your leggings stop on the widest part of your calf. This accentuates a shapely calf muscle and can be very flattering. Also, when choosing your leggings make sure they are opaque (not see-through). Also choose leggings with a strong spandex in them- meaning choose a legging that is very tight and fitting on your leg.

· When choosing what to wear on top of your leggings, first and foremost always always make sure your top is long enough to cover your butt! This is a must- NO exceptions. I think dresses, tunics, or long sweaters are best paired with leggings. You’ll want a top that doesn’t cling to your leggings and isn't see-through. Thicker jersey knits, silks and cottons work best. A-line style dresses with an empire cut works particularly well because its forgiving on the hips, tummy and thighs. Straighter shift styles work well for those with a slimmer body type. If you have slim thighs, wear your dress/tunic as short as mid-thigh length and no shorter. If you’re leg or thigh-shy wear your dress around the knee, I prefer right above.

· Any shoe really goes with leggings. The look works with both flats and heels! If you feel a little flat-footed and short, opt for a heel. Ballet flats, wedges, fancy thong sandals and shoes with chunky heels are my favorite footwear combination with leggings.

Here is a great website with a ton of options for leggings. This page has some extreme leggings on it- make sure to stick with a tradition black simple legging as you get us to this style.

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