Thursday, May 14, 2009

White Jeans. . . hmm?

Well, today is another rainy day in the city- I sure hope this rain stops before Memorial weekend! Speaking of which, Memorial weekend is fast approaching us. . . YAY! I have heard some people talking and had some ask me what I thought of white jeans and especially white pants before Memorial Day. The rule of no white pants before Memorial Day is dated, old, and does NOT apply anymore. If you want to wear white pants in the middle of January, GO FOR IT! It is just important to make sure you pick a pant that is made from a “wintery” fabric. Obviously don’t wear linen. Pick a fabric that is thicker and warmer- like a velvet, corduroy, or heavy jean. Pair it with a warm cozy sweater and you will look Wintery Chic!

As for white jeans - if you want to wear them that is just fine. Always keep in mind your body type. White jeans have a tendency to show every nook, cranny, bump, and divot your legs have to offer! Always be cognizant that your jeans are not too tight- this is also not flattering especially with a color that shows every flaw your legs have. That being said, I am torn on how I feel about white jeans. Sometimes I think they look great on people and other times I feel why not just stick with denim? I feel it is a decision you need to make for yourself, remember it’s about what makes you feel good! I think if you have a more womanly, curvy, and/ or pear shaped figure, be careful when approaching the white and or colored jean look. You are the body type that will have the hardest time pulling this look off. But none the less it can be done, just stick to white jeans that are boot cut. Boot cut jeans help to bring the right proportion to your legs- this way you don’t look thigh heavy. Your legs look long and lean, which is what we all want, right?! I think as a general rule of thumb, if you are a curvier woman you should stay away from cigarette and skinny jeans altogether. I know these are in style at the moment but not every style is for all people. You want to wear what is most flattering on your body.

Now if you have a narrow and less curvy body shape, or toothpick legs then white skinny jeans are great for you. Just remember nothing too tight. Even toothpick legs have some flaws that can be unflattering when suctioned into white jeans.

For both body types pair your summery white jeans with a fun and colorful blouse, nothing too tight. Make sure your top comes down at least six inches past the top of your jeans, or you want your top to fall right at the high middle of your butt. This is especially important for fuller body types. There are always exceptions to the rules but as a general rule this is a good one to follow.

How to pick the jean that is right for you? Finding a pair of jeans that you just love can be a challenge to say the least. You need to be in the mood to shop and be willing to try every style and brand on. Every brand fits differently, and it is important to try everything on to make sure you are getting the best brand for you. I really like jeans with a little stretch in them. The stretch keeps the jeans from becoming loose or baggy throughout the day. That is a pet peeve of mine- when you put your jeans on in the morning and they look and fit great and by the mid to end of the day you look like you have a diaper on under them—ick, so unflattering! For me the stretch in my jeans keeps this from happening, my jeans remain the same size all day! My favorite jean is the J Brand Lovestory Bell Bottom Jean.

Jeans are the easiest and most versatile thing you can put on. So make sure to find your Lovestory jean and “Work It Girlfriend!!”

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