Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My New Business Adventure

Organize it. Style it. Wear it.
with Jessica Hubble

I can show you how to take your existing clothes and create a fresh look. It’s all about organized style. Knowing what you have in your closet but also knowing how to put it together to create a style that is your best. I create a personal style guide for each client based on the clothing they already have.

I come into your home and help you organize your closet. I will help you clean out what is old and no longer should be taking up your precious New York space. Once the cleaning and organizing is finished we will go through what was deemed worthy of staying and I will help you to style your clothes. I will breathe new life into your already existing closet! Especially with the economy right now I know we are all trying to spend less on frivolous things. Everyone has a wonderful assortment of clothes in their closet, sometimes we just get tired of looking at the same things every day. I will come in with a fresh pair of eyes and create new outfits for you that you may not have thought of. I will create new styled outfits for different occasions that pertain most to you: work, lunch with the girls, going out, Sunday brunch with the in laws. Whichever occasions are most important to you is what I will focus on.
Also, during the cleaning process for some there will be really wonderful items, maybe a handbag, a wonderful dress, or pair of fabulous shoes that are still in great condition, but you just don't use or wear them anymore. Really they are just taking up your space. If this ends up being your case, I will take these items back with me and sell them for you on eBay. After receiving a BA in advertising and an AAS degree in fashion design from Parsons I am very confident I can create the best ad for your special goods- helping you to get the best return on your investment!
In addition to my two services above, I also offer the service of a personal shopper. If you decide there are essential pieces missing from your wardrobe or you have a special occasion coming up that you have nothing to wear, I can go shopping for you or we can go shopping together to help resolve the problem. I can help you to maintain an evolving up-to-date wardrobe so you can always look your best!
This is something I have always loved doing for myself and feel I have a great natural ability for styling. If you feel this is something that would benefit you, please contact me by either email or phone to make an appointment. Also, if you know someone who you think would be interested please pass my name along!
And remember. . . Spring cleaning time is here and this is a perfect opportunity for me to come help!

Jessica Hubble
Cell: 917-216-6193

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  1. Jessica-

    This looks fabulous! I need you in Westlake!!!!

    Best of luck.