Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Season's Must Have

What is this season's must have? It's the "ROMPER." This is such a great and versatile summer piece. For you that don’t know what a "romper" is-- it’s a one piece, top and pants sewn together. Kind of like the dress, the romper is something you can just through on and go.

Above I have show three different ways I wear my "romper." Of course there are a hundred different ways to style the romper, but I have chosen three styles that are summer chic and easy! The romper shown above is from a small boutique in SoHo I got a couple seasons ago. Now that they are the seasons must have, finding one shouldn't be a challenge. So find this season's staple piece and there is no doubt you will look like a fashionista all summer long!

Check out three "rompers" I found on shopbop.com that are super cute and stylish!


  1. You are so damn cute! I wish I had your style ( where is that jacket from ??) you look amazing in that romper.

  2. Thanks KC. You'll never believe it but that jacket is at least 4 years old. Its Robert Rodriguez. I never give anything away cause at some point I will always wear it again!!

  3. i like the navy romper in the pics. where did you get it?