Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Suit of Course

What is the most classic and conservative thing you can wear to work? A suit of course. A suit is a wonderful way to portray yourself at work- a suit says your professional, focused and hard working. Of course in some industries a suit is more of a required attire, but none the less you can never go wrong with a suit at work. Above I have shown three different ways to wear your classic suit. I am wearing a white Theory suit, which I have had forever, literally. I chose white instead of black to mix it up a bit. It is summer now and everyone is always in a black suit so why not do something different. The suit over the years has developed a not so “cool” reputation. It has a tendency to be conservative and boring at times, but this is not the way it has to be.

When buying a suit make sure you buy one that fits and flatters you. Make sure the jacket is fitted enough that it gives you a waist. The worst is when a woman puts on a suite jacket and it looks like she crawled inside a box of fabric. I know you want to look professional but this doesn’t mean you have to completely give up style and looking good. I mean, HELLO we are women and God gave us all curves so it’s ok to show them off a little, it’s who we are! Also, make sure your pants are long enough to wear with heals and that they are not too loose on the legs. Of course you don’t want them skin tight but a little fitted is always better then baggy. Also, you don’t always have to wear your classic white or blue oxford button down starched shirt. Mix it up a little.

Above, I have shown how I mix up the way I wear my suit. I have also mixed up my suit by pairing the pants with a different blazer. Now I work in the fashion industry so this is totally acceptable. I understand if you work in a more regimented profession, but this is just an example of how you don’t always have to play by the rules. Change it up a little, have fun, and be different. All three of these looks are professional and conservative, but still show my personality through my clothes, and guess what? I still look like I have a figure and some style.

Now, if you are finding these looks just won’t cut it at work then trying pairing a classic black suit with a fun and different blouse. Take inspirations from what I have done above and apply it to your wardrobe and work environment. And remember looking conservative doesn’t mean you have to look uptight and boring. Play with your clothes and have fun with it. . . Life is too short to look boring!

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